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adventistgiving.org: Front-end Application

Donation Envelope website layout
The pew-style envelope for helping users navigate their donation experience.

I had the pleasure of working with the crew at K3 on a project for Adventist Giving. The goal of the project was to create a site that facilitated easy donations from church-goers to their respective churches (or churches they visited). The target user group was all of North America, but the site needed to be functional world-wide.

Donation Envelope website layout
The landing page at adventistgiving.org.

To build the site, we leveraged the robust architecture of Google’s Angular 2. We built the platform to handle payments worldwide, both directly via EFT and via Credit/Debit. We also crafted a payment method management system, and integrated the system into Adventist Giving’s existing internal database stuctures.

In particular, I was responsible for crafting up the UIs, including forms, donation pages, account management pages, login modals, and the site’s custom church-search modal. I was responsible not only for visual design of pages, but also for writing much of the front-end JavaScript that renders the application.

Donation Envelope website layout
We crafted a unique auth security model.

We overcame some very interesting, real-world restrictions pertaining to authentication and security in an open-API environment. We wrestled as a team to strike the right balance between convenience and security, erring on the security side.

As part of our construction of the site, we were also trusted as the owners of the public API, which allowed other developers to build native apps against the same database interface. They also used our authentication system, so we got plenty of time collaborating with outside teams. I personally documented large portions of the API by testing endpoints and writing spec.

As a finishing touch, I took the opportunity to provide Adventist Giving with a new logo (they previously had no brand mark—only text). The spot on the hand holds double meaning, representing both Christ’s nail-pierced hand, and the widow giving her last coin—both signs of great sacrifice.

Adventist Giving hand logo