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Something Good App

Something Good App
An app that gives you one good thing to do each day.

Something Good is a passion project I started partially to learn about native application development — but more because of its mission. Several years of working in a rapid development environment had left me disheartened, and nearly burnt-out. I thought, “if only I could work on a development project that didn’t just make someone money, but actually changed the world for the better.”

Using my existing experience in JavaScript, I set out to learn React Native. After some iterations, some beta testing, and much user feedback, I crafted a version that was release-ready.

Something Good App Site
The showcase website for Something Good

This project was also very meaningful to me as a desginer and developer. Its very concept has its roots in an altruistic, value-creating idealogy, which is not only what I needed at the time but is also something the world needs more of. If you’re interested, read the story of the beginnings of Something Good.

The app is 100% free, and you can try it out today! It’s available for both Android and iOS.