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Thompson Family Acupuncture Clinic: Branding and Marketing

Brand logo

Thompson Family Acupuncture Clinic, a local business, came to me in need of a new branding package. The practice was already well established in the area, but as they had grown they had also amassed several different branding and marketing styles. My initial goal was to capture the feel of the business in order to then go about creating a brand.

Acupuncture Meridians

Researching acupuncture was a fascinating experience for me. While I’m certainly still not an expert, I have experienced acupuncture several times, and I’m now familiar with several tenets of Chinese medicine. One of the key parts of acupuncture is an understanding of meridian lines—channels in the human body that, when stimulated, activate or stimulate other related areas in the body. As part of my research and branding efforts, I created a graphic of a person that exhibits the meridian lines.

Another aspect of Chinese medicine that Thompson Family Acupuncture Clinic embraced well is that of natural treatment. Far before medication and intervention is needed, natural lifestyle changes and remedies can help course-correct people back to good health. Because of this, I chose to draw a correlation between the meridian lines of acupuncture and the natural lines occuring in nature. For this, I drew on photographs of natural remedies, and wove in the meridian lines.

Meridian lines in tea

This was a big step in the right direction. The images played a prominent role in nutrition education pieces and brand displays. It also became apparent that there was a need to show the specialists in action. For this, I set up some photoshoots to get high-quality images of acupuncture in action. The on-brand images were perfect for online presence, so I created a series of Instagram and Facebook images to be used throughout the year.

Facebook cover photo

Over time, the brand settled into its sweet spot. I continue to be the supplier of graphics and brand assets for Thompson Family Acupuncture.

Thompson Family Acupuncture Logo