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Walla Walla Valley Academy: Custom WordPress Theme

Walla Walla Valley Academy Website
WWVA’s website, exhibited in multiple view sizes.

A local highschool recognized that they needed to bring their site into the future. They came to me. Meeting with their head of marketing, I gathered the goals of the site and worked up initial sketches. The sketches explored both site structure and content layout. When I start a project like this, I always like to begin by quantifying the site’s content and its usefulness to the viewer. Once I have a good idea of all the content’s purpose, I can then craft up a solution that makes the right content available in the right context and presentation.

Site layout sketches
Sketches of site structure and page layout.

From there, I met with the client for revisions & feedback, then proceeded to create digital mockups of the site layouts. This included making a few as-yet-undigitized assets for the client’s use, such as the site logo.

Digital site mockup
An example of one of the site mockups, before site construction.

From there, I coded up the mockups as WordPress page templates. Using a base theme structure, I created global styles and page template layouts, and tested on different devices/browsers. I followed up the site construction with deployment and training sessions to make sure the client felt comfortable managing content. It was a hit! Once the site was deployed, the marketing director asked if I could do a photoshoot to get some school specific images for the headers. An afternoon of photography later, the site was ready to be populated with flavors of the school.

A photo of WWVA life A photo of WWVA life A photo of WWVA life A photo of WWVA life

Since then, the site has seen growth and revision as client need shifts over time. The site is available at wwva.org.